Object Parents

    Natural resources that “parent” objects:

Fujifilm Instax Instant Film Single Blank Sheet

Picture Size: 8.6cm x 5.4cm
Image Size: 6.2cm x 4.6cm
I believe that the limitation of my object is in its symbolism as a film photo sheet, which carries with it preconceived ideas about what it is. This object is made to be used for something that is popular in this day and age, capturing moments. By using a blank sheet, I am alluding to the idea that there is a moment that could not be captured, as I have not physically met with my best friend before, and thus unable to take photos with her. However, I have taken this limitation, and believe I have played to it as a strength by retaining its symbolism as something to show a photo or take a picture with i.e. capture a moment. I used the blank sheet as a way of showing how I am able to form and curate my relationship with someone I have not physically interacted with.

Object Domicile

• Edinburgh: 55.95’N, 3.19’W
• This single Polaroid serves as a personification or symbol for my best friend whom I met. Conceptually, this would be the location in which my object lives, as our friendship goes beyond physical space. We do not hold a physical presence in each other’s lives, our existence to one another is held in the digital space, as if we were able to travel beyond our physical boundaries, and join each other in our lives in the spaces we physically occupy.

Object Origin

Address: Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd. Nishi-Azabu – Head Office (Corporation Office)
Co-ordinates: 35.66’N, 139.72’E April 2015

My single polaroid came into being when I had a faulty pack of Instax Mini film loaded into my polaroid camera, which all came out blank. I took the cartridge out of the camera, and I was left with a pack of 9 blank Polaroid photo sheets.

Capture Moments Beyond the Physical!
Have you ever wanted to capture a moment that isn’t in the physical realm?

Now you can! Blank Instax Instant Polaroid Photo Sheets, they’re the new conceptually projected photograph! By having a blank canvas on which to project your fantasy on, there is no limit as to what the blank polaroid can capture! With your blank sheet you can project any memory, person, dream or situation onto its existence, and it will attach itself to your idea.

My main question that arose with my curation was: How do I curate something that is not physically there?

My two part curation is a curation of objects from my physical everyday life; tins and boxes that hold parts of my life that I have organized and use in my daily life.

The second part of my curation is that of my best friend whom I have never met; she has been a huge part of my life for the past 10 years, yet we have not physically interacted before. I have decided to curate the piece about her as I curate the things within my life; by curating it as an organized display. I have used a blank polaroid to be a projection of her existence, and the blank of the polaroid is to allude to a moment that has not been captured, as we do not know each other in the physical world. I then pinned text of the conversations we have had in the digital world. These parts of the messages are to give context to the photo and allude to both our relationship and to her physical presence, what she looks like, and her personality.


This photo sheet expired in May 2017


I would like to extend my gratitude and thanks to the following people for their guidance and support during this project period: For conceptual development and project support: Professor Pippa Skotness Lecturer Martin Wilson Karen Ijumba For construction support, practical advice and emotional support: My father, Carl Jacobs And to Shannon Weirr, my loyal best friend, may the universe one day bring us together. Contribute information to this page