Potpourri Press Mini Tin Blue Ivory Contrast Floral

Height 9,1cm, Length 13cm, Breadth 7,5cm, Volume 887,25cm3

Object Domicile

Jansen Street, Parow East and 31 – 37 Orange Street
The tin inhabits the same spaces that I do, and it travels with me around Cape Town, but it mostly exists at my home space in Parow, and my school space at Michaelis.

Object Origin

Potpourri Press, Greensboro, North Carolina, United States of America 1980- 1986

The object was made as part of an Orient designed gift collection in the 1980’s, which consisted of Christmas ornaments, mugs, tin boxes and paper plates. These products were sold in gift shops and malls across the United States from the 1980’s up until 1986’s.

This tin is amazing. Once you open it, there exists a wild and beautiful imagined world. I consider the inside of the tin to be my safe space, because it is a world/space that is full of possibilities and imagination.

The tin as an object I do not find interesting, nor do I feel any strong emotions for it.

However I am using this object as an empty space, where in I get to fill it with my visualised and imagined world.

The tin then becomes a protective layer; a safe space to store my imagined world.


From the bus station Foreshore, Cape Town, 8001 to the company gardens, 15 Queen Victoria St, Cape Town, 8001.

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